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Company overview – S.A. Corporate Financing Services Inc.

Company overview


S.A.Corporate Finance Services Inc. is now 11+ years old established financial & business services provider operator.

Privately owned and operated, S.A.C.F.Services Inc. provides a wealth of experience in arranging buy & sell through;

  1. Business Brokerage
  2. Business Loans
  3. Personal Property Assets Appraisals
  4. Start-up business consulting and much more.

S.A.C.F.Services Inc’s President has been part of operational management in national and international retail companies since 1974. He has 7 years of hands on experience in commercial and residential Mortgage loans as Qualified Mortgage Broker.

In April 2006, the President set up S.A.C.F.Services Inc. to provide financial & consulting services to businesses in Alberta.

President Suresh Agarwal is affiliated as certified Business Financial Consultant with one of the largest loan consultants in North America.

 1. Affiliation with International Loan Consultants in USA & Canada

S.A.C. F.Services Inc. has access to a network of Canadian and American lenders and now provides services for;

Business Loans – Business Brokerage Appraisal for Personal property & business startup under Project Management.

S.A.Corporate Finance Services Inc. provides custom-tailored financing solutions personally dedicated service with excellence to its clients in Alberta. We shop the national and international network of lenders to provide businesses with most suitable term loans with best terms and conditions based on the strength of loan application.

2. Affiliation with C.P.P.A.Group. Association, Ontario, Canada

Since 2010, Suresh Agarwal President of S.A.C. F. Services added Personal Property Appraisal program for businesses assets (Non Real Estate) & received certification under Canadian Personal Property Appraisal Group, Ontario in Canada.The appraisals are completed under the C.P.P.A.G Association.

3.  Affiliation with International Business Brokers Association Inc,         USA & Canada.

Since 2011, President Suresh Agarwal of S.A.C.F.Services Inc. further added Business Brokerage program and became Intermediary Business Broker (Buying and Selling business only) in the provinces of Alberta, under I.B.B.A. Inc.U.S.A. & Canada.

4.  Project Management

Since 2014, President Suresh Agarwal, edit final services as Project Management for the startup business in Alberta only.

How Can We Help You?

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