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Our Charges, Commissions and Fees – S.A. Corporate Financing Services Inc.

Our Charges, Commissions and Fees

S.A.Corporate Financing Services Inc. Charge all fees & commissions for its services to our clients.No Fees or commissions are paid by any category lenders. S.A.C.F.Services does have a policy and practices not to charge any lenders who commit & advance new funds to our clients. Except in the case of lenders who already have programs to provide referral fees.

S.A.C.F.Services Inc., representative as qualified Business Consultant charge comparable fees for its various services. All Charges, Commissions and Fees indicated are subject to change without notice.


(1) Certified Business Intermediary Fees & Commission:

  • S.A.C.F.Services charge only one time with a very low commission fee of only 6% of the total sold price to the seller, after the business sale is completed and Business possession taken by purchaser(s).
  • If the Business is located out of Metro Edmonton.The travel expense is also charged to the Seller @ the rate of $0.75cents/km plus meals & lodging.

(2)Personal Property Appraisal Service Fees and Related Charges:

  • S.A.C.F.Services its associate as qualified Personal Property Appraiser charge very comparable fees within industry norm for its services with an initial retainer of 50% of total fees.
  • For work within the Metro Edmonton Area, our fees are $1000.00 + taxes/Appraisal. $1500.00 for any Small Industrial Business.
  • For larger projects fees are negotiable.
  • Outside of Metro Edmonton areas beside above-mentioned fees.We charge travel time @ the rate of $0.75cents/km, hotel,stay & other expenses are charged as per agreement with the clients.

The Original (Final) appraisal report of the project is not released to anyone including potential lender until all the fees & charges are paid in full to S.A.Corporate Financing Services Inc.

As qualified P.P.A professional the appraisals completed are unbiased and only processor’s view for the purpose of establishing the Fair Market value under present business conditions.

Any revisions due to changed business conditions after one year are subject to new fees of 50% of the original fees paid.


(3)Business Financial Consultant Fees & Charges:

  • Initial consultation for up to one hour. – Free of cost.
  • Completed application fees – $500.00( Non-Refundable & GST exempt)
  • Complete business marketing written brief report & 3yrs Financial Forecasts – $3000.00+GST.
  • Incorporating New Corporation in Alberta & B.C – $850.00+ GST
  • Trade Name Registration – $75.00+GST
  • Personal Resume preparation for each company director/Shareholder- $165.00 each + GST.
  • All the above fees are payable at the time of providing the clients with final Business Plan and are NON REFUNDABLE.

Commission charged upon approval & funds advanced to clients  through their legal counsel.

  • Our minimum commission fees set @ $6000.00. for a loan up to $100,000.
  • Business Loans from $101,000 to $1,000,000 – 6% Fees payable
  • Business Loans from $1,000,001 to $3,000,000 – 4% fees Payable
  • Business Loans from $3,000,001 and up – 2% Fees.Payable.

(4)Project Management startup concept to complete fees and commission:

  • 5 component fees $25000.00+GST. 1. Site Selection 2. Final Lease 3. Occupancy 4. Possession.

Details to be discussed in person with a client

Qualifier: S.A.Corporate Financing Services Inc. and or its representative as services provider cannot & will not guarantee the loans funding.Though all the efforts are made to get the project funding approved.The lenders have complete discretion, 1st to approve loan application & then to advance loan funds.

  • S.A Corporate Financing Services Inc representatives cannot be held liable for loans not approved & funded.

S.A.Corporate.Financing Services Inc. Referral Program:
Subject to the provincial regulating body if applicable

5% of our total commission fees can be earned under our referral program once the funding is completed in full and advanced to clients or their legal counsel.(Full disclosure by all parties)

Example: Potential client lead referred by you(Referral Source) that turned into a funded transaction and advanced in full.

* Referral For Business Loans – 5% of our Commission Only Upon Funding

Total business loan approved & funded – $1,000,000.

Our commission earned from that deal – $60,000.

Your Referral fees can be – $3000.00*.

** Referral For Business Brokerage – 5% of our commission only upon Project Sold and title transferred to new owners 

The total project sold for – $1,000,000.

Our commission earned from the sale – $60,000.

Your referral fees will be – $3000**

Referral fee for project management will have two components

1) 5% for consultation management fees.

2) 5% commission earned for new financing arranged and funded for Business loans.

*** Personal property Appraisal – No Applicable Referral Fees.


(The local laws of Governing Associations /Councils of each province are always applicable.)
  • You as Commercial Realtors.
  • You as Commercial Lawyers
  • You as Accountant Professionals.
  • You as Commercial Corporate Lawyers.
  • You as  Lender.
  • Qualified Business Broker.
  • Qualified Business Developer.