Other Services

Business Brokerage, S.A.C.F.Services offers:

  • Market evaluations for the potential business for sales.
  • Exclusive Business listings for sale or purchase.
  • Evaluate potential business purchasers .
  • Completing purchase offer from the buyer and completed transactions.

Canadian Personal Property Appraisal Group, S.A.C.F Services offers:

  • Research the market for comparable for the properties to be appraised
  • Prepares the reports based on market comparable
  • Present the independently prepared appraisal reports without any outside influence are presented to clients

Business Financial Consultant, S.A.C.F.Services offers:

  • Initial consultations for business loan procedures and time lines.
  • Prepare Business Loan Applications
  • Preparing brief marketing and financial projections (Upon Clients Authorization)
  • Preparing personal resumes for the clients (Upon Clients Authorization)
  • Incorporating new companies in Alberta (Optional)
  • Review applicant’s Credit bureau reports for business.
  • Mitigate applicat credit check before submissions.

We also Provide the Support to all our clients for:

  • Business /commercial Realtors
  • Business/ Commercial Lawyers
  • CMA, CGA & General Accountants
  • Mortgage Professionals
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